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Chesapeake's newest product for real-time mosaics is currently being offered as an option to SonarWiz customers who require real-time mosaic capabilities in an easy to use and affordable package. Also provides complete post processing capabilities.  Features include automatic gain control, TVG, beam angle correction integrated bottom tracker and navigation editor. Complete post-processing functions included too. 

Download Data Sheet (PDF).

 SonarWiz SSS

The first truly low cost side scan sonar data acquisition system is now even better!

SonarWiz SSS offers 2-4 channel side-scanning sonar data acquisition for most analog side scan sonars at a fraction of the price of comparable systems. We focused on the key features needed for most surveys and left out the useless baggage. Download available now.

16-bit SEG-Y sub-bottom data acquisition

SonarWiz.SBP offers single  channel sub-bottom profiler data acquisition for most analog sub-bottom profilers.  Features include built-in deep water delay, SEG-Y recording, NMEA and custom navigation interfaces. 

 Download Data Sheet (PDF)


An exciting sonar mosaic generation tool that provides near real-time sonar mosaics and navigation coverage maps using your web browser as the viewer.   SonarWeb works by generating JPEG and GeoTiff imagery and reports from any XTF™, Q-Mips™, MSTL™, Hypack™ .HSX, Imagenex .81S and .IMX, GeoAcoustics .SWP, Submetrix .SRX and MUSE™ sidescan sonar data.  Sub-bottom file support includes  GeoStar™, X-Star™, Delph™ TRA,  Benthos Chirp,  Knudsen™ .KEB and  SEG-Y in various flavors. 

SonarWeb Pro 

SonarWeb plus adds support for over 1000 coordinate systems, map projections, datums and ellipsoids as well as advanced target processing, thermal printer support and 3D seismic reflector digitizing.

Compare SonarWeb and SonarWeb Pro

NmeaWiz V1.9  

NMEA-0183 message generator and stress test utility

Allows both developers and users to evaluate the effects of variations in speed, heading, depth and position in various NMEA-0183 message formats. NmeaWiz generates GGA, GLL, RMA, RMC, DBT, DPT, VHW, HDT, VTG, ZDA, MWD, MWV, DTM and others.

New in V1.9 - it's not just for NMEA anymore!
NmeaWiz now allows you to send your own custom test data to any serial port at your specified rate. This feature is extremely useful for running product demos and creating test scenarios for applications that use data sets other than NMEA.

Download Evaluation version now!


Convert your paper records to SEG-Y with ImageToSEGY  

ImageToSEGY allows you to take your scanned seismic paper records and save them as fully conforming SEG-Y digital data files complete with time stamps, fix marks and interpolated navigation.

Download a free demo.

GeoStar to SEG-Y Data Conversion Utility

Chesapeake's GeoStarToSEGY data conversion utility generates true SEG-Y from the Edgetech GeoStar sub-bottom data format.  Quickly batch process an entire survey using this handy utility which allows selection of multiple files for processing.   GeoStarToSEGY SEG-Y output includes EBCDIC,  binary headers,  trace headers and data written to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists "Recommended Standards for Digital Tape Formats" by Barry et al. and is compatible with most seismic processing systems. 

SonarWiz Shuttle

Big muscle in a small package!

Chesapeake can deliver all of our data acquisition and processing software packages in a very compact and very powerful integrated system.  Use SonarWiz Shuttle when you need high performance computer system with high-end performance with an entry level price.